Installing mit-scheme on MacOS with Homebrew

If you plan on working through SICP, you’ll want to install mit-scheme on your computer.

We’ll cover installing MIT Scheme on a Mac using Homebrew.

Use brew search to find the correct package:

brew search scheme
==> Formulae
chezscheme                chibi-scheme              gambit-scheme             gerbil-scheme             mit-scheme               sagittarius-scheme        scheme48                  sisc-scheme

There are quite a few matches when you search for a scheme, and if you prefer a different implementation of scheme, you could install any of the matches that brew search brings back. However, if your interested in following along with SICP, it pays to have mit-scheme.

Install it as follows:

brew install mit-scheme

Once Homebrew finishes installing, you can test your install by invoking the REPL:

> mit-scheme
1 ]=> (+ 1 1)

;Value: 2

To quit out of the REPL, hit ctrl-d, and enjoy the latin

1 ]=> ^D
End of input stream reached.
Moriturus te salutat.

Those about to die salute you.

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